Edge works with many partners to provide buying and selling options for our customers. You can access these options at the bottom of your screen in the Edge app. They are the two middle options, "Buy" and "Sell"

Upon selecting either buy or sell, you will be presented with a list of options that are specific to your country. The options that appear there will be the only options available to your region.

i.e. Selecting "Buy" shows options for Banxa and Simplex only, so you would be unable to use anything else besides Banxa or Simplex.

Depending on which partner you choose to handle your transaction, you will be required to fill out information required for the purchase or sale.

When the purchase has been completed the partner will deposit the amount of crypto currency selected to your choice of wallet.

Selling will work in the opposite way, where you turn crypto currency into fiat currency. You will choose a partner to sell with, then the transaction sends your crypto to them, and then they will deposit your new funds into a provided bank account.

Again, you will only be able to utilize the options that appear for your country/region when choosing to buy or sell.


Edge does not manage or store any private or sensitive customer data.
Any issues with purchasing or selling must be addressed with the partner the purchase or sale is being handled through.