How to use WalletConnect

WalletConnect is an exciting feature within Edge that will allow our users to interact with Dapps such as Aave, Uniswap, and many others!

WalletConnect is an open protocol that allows Dapps and Wallets to securely communicate with each other. 

While Walletconnect is a safe method for connecting to dapps, you must be careful about which dapps you decide to connect to! Connecting to a malicious dapp can result in loss of funds.

To use WalletConnect: 

  1. Access the Dapp you'd like to use on your computer (this tends to be the preferred method) and look for the "Connect Wallet" option. This is typically located at the upper right of your screen.

  2. From here you will want to locate the "WalletConnect" option and select that. This will bring up a QR code that will be used to connect Edge with the Dapp. NOTE: you may need to select what network you want to use so please pay attention to that option.

  3. Now return to your Edge app and tap the menu located at the upper right then tap "WalletConnect"

  4. Tap on "New Connection" and then scan that QR from your computer.

  5. You'll be prompted to select which wallet you would like to trade with or interact with, select the wallet you'd like to interact with.  Read the permissions and then select "Connect" if you agree.

  6. Return to the Dapp webpage and now you will be able to interact with that site. You will have to approve transactions with Edge.

Once you are finished using WalletConnect or finished using a particular Dapp, make sure to "Disconnect" your Active Connection.

From the WalletConnect scene in Edge, tap on the active connection and select Disconnect.  If you do not see the active connection you can disconnect from the Dapp by selecting your wallet address, which is usually visible in the top right hand corner of most Dapp platforms.

If you have any issues or concerns with how to use WalletConnect please contact us at