Most of our partners can handle up to $5000 for cryptocurrency exchanges on Edge. Please note: Totle is a  DEX (Decentralized Exchange) and have no upper limit meaning you can trade $100 or $1 million. However, there are lower limits or minimum balance you need for exchange: These are different for each coin and range from ~$1.70 to $200. 

  • The minimum trades are variable and depend on market conditions such as liquidity and simply supply & demand
  • Ex: $100 of BTC might be the minimum trade for ETH other times it could be lower and other times even higher

We’re working on lowering the minimal exchange amounts for all the coins available on Edge partners.

Example Images:

If you do not have enough of a cryptocurrency to exchange ( minimum trade limit), you will see this message telling you that in order to do your exchange you will need more of that cryptocurrency to complete the Exchanges.

If you do Have enough for the minimum exchange then you will be returned to this screen where you can continue with your exchange.