After doing an exchange it can normally take anywhere from 10 minutes but up to 24 hours for the exchanged coin to arrive into your wallet. On average it is usually complete within 1-2 hours.

However, during times of high traffic on the network or huge waves of new users this can take longer than usual or up to the full 24 hours.

If this happens and you are concerned on the status you can reach out to us at but please include the Exchange information so that Edge will be able to identify the Exchange ID and the Partner that facilitated the trade. You may also contact the partner directly as the partner email that facilitated the trade will also be inside the transaction notes.

To view this:

1) Simply tap on the transaction exchange that you did

2) Take a screenshot of the 1st screen similar to the example blow where it shows it was done by

3) Tap on Exchange Details > located towards the bottom to go to the next screen

4) Take a screenshot of that screen

5) Information about the trade and the Order ID will be displayed

6) Reach out to Edge or the partner directly as the email for the partner will also be displayed there and attach the screenshots in the email

Once Edge or the partner receives the screenshot that has information on the Order ID for the partner, we will be able to investigate the status of the transaction and give you an update.