Please note that Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) are two different currencies with two different chains, so you should never send BTC to a BSV wallet.

That said, you can try to recover your funds using an external wallet like Electrum SV.

Here are the steps to follow:

1) Open Edge, find the BSV wallet, click on the 3 vertical dots on the right of your wallet and click Master Private Key. Enter your password and you'll see your seeds, that represent your Master Private Key. Copy these seeds into a note that you will delete after the procedure. DO NOT SHARE YOUR SEEDS. You cannot copy/paste for safety reasons, but only manually copy.

2) Download Electrum SV from Create a new wallet and give it a name of your choice.

Click on Standard Wallet, Choose “I already have a seed", enter the seeds, click on option and select Bip39.

Click next and leave Derivation Path m/44'/0'/0'.
You can leave the password field empty.

3) In your Electrum SV wallet, go to Wallets, Private keys, Export.
Search the address you sent your BTC to and copy its private key.

Send your private key to your smartphone. You can send it to you by mail but be sure to delete this message completely after you imported your funds.

4) Open Edge Wallet, go to Menu, Sweep Private Key, Address, paste your private key.

The wallet will then import the funds you have on that address, minus the mining fees.
You will be then able to manage your BTC and eventually transfer them to another Bitcoin wallet.
If you want to sell BTC for BSV remember to use the Edge Wallet Exchange function.