If you think your Edge account has been compromised, please STOP using it.

If you still have funds inside, we strongly suggest you to create another account and transfer them there.

When you create a new account be sure to respect all these steps below, in order to keep it safe:

  1. Never use a username/password that have already been used online. Never use an email or part of it as a username!
    If you used an email address (or part of it) as a username, you can check if it has been leaked by going to https://haveibeenpwned.com/; if you enter your email address there and the service indicates the it has been leaked, please create another account.
  2. If you need to store your credentials because they are hard to be remembered or you want to keep a copy, please use an offline solution: Edge credentials, as private keys and seed phrases, represents your wealth, so it's important to keep them safe and not share them with other people.
  3. If you need to export the Master Private Key from a wallet (seed phrase), be sure to store it in a safe place offline.
  4. After the new account has been created, activate the 2FA and follow the instructions you can find here https://support.edge.app/support/solutions/articles/8000058674-how-to-maximize-my-edge-account-security-