What is Bits of Gold?

Bits of Gold is an Israeli company that supports selling Bitcoin for Euros and Shekels via bank transfer. 

What coins can I buy and sell with Bits of Gold?

Bitcoin (BTC)

Where can I use Bits of Gold?

Users in Israel and parts of Europe can use Bits of Gold to sell Bitcoin. Please go here for a comprehensive list of countries and supported payment methods in Edge.

What are the fees and settlement times?

Fee: 6.5% / Settlement time: 1-72 hours

What are the minimum and maximum limits?

Daily Max€5,000
Monthly MaxUnlimited

How do I buy and sell with Bits of Gold?

Guide coming soon!

What payment methods are supported by Bits of Gold?

Bits of Gold supports selling to a linked Israeli or European bank account.

Order Status and Support

If you have any questions about your order or its status please reach out to Bits of Gold directly through their support system