The in-app Exchange utilizes our partners to process exchanges, and there are primarily four reasons why the coin or token you are trying to exchange might not be supported.

  1. The partner exchanges might not support the coin or token that you are trying to trade
  2. Edge does not support and cannot hold the coin or token that you are trying to receive
  3. A liquidity issue where the exchanges may temporarily be out of that coin or token
  4. One or more of the exchange partners is disabled in the Exchange Settings in Edge

Exchanging coins/tokens in Edge requires that both the partner and Edge support the source and received coins. The coins are subject to the partner's liquidity and may be temporarily unavailable. If that happens, try to do the exchange at a later time.

To request a coin be added to Edge, use the form on our homepage. To request a coin to be supported by our partners, use their links below: