Edge's in-app Exchange allows users to be able to swap between different digital assets directly within their account. Edge checks your order across multiple exchanges and presents the user with the best trade.

To use this feature follow the instructions below:

1) Tap on Exchange

2) Select the Wallet from the top side in what you would like to convert from

3) Enter the amount and the type of asset you would like to exchange

4) At the bottom, you can select what asset it will convert into 

5) Tap on Next 

6) After the app identifies the best trade, slide to confirm

Each trade requires the funding transaction to confirm on its blockchain before our partners complete the trade. This usually only takes a few minutes but could take longer if there are a lot of other pending transactions in the network.

Your trades are automatically tagged with the exchange partner name and details about the trade. If you need help with a trade, please reach out to the exchange partner directly. 

We currently work with the following exchange partners: