1) Log into your Airbitz Account

2) Tap on Wallets from the Menu

3) Select the Wallet you wish to use (Default is My Wallet)

4) Once selected, tap the 3 dots on the top right corner on Android. For iOS, tap on the Up Arrow Box next to the + icon.

5) Select Export

6) Tap on Wallet Private Seed

7) Enter your Password at the Password field

8) Tap on View

This will give you your Wallet Private Seed. From here you can view the individual addresses and private keys by going to www.airbitz.co/recovery and entering your Wallet Private Seed there.

Once entered there, it will generate all of your addresses. 

Locate the address you used and you can toggle the right column to view the Private Key text or Private Key QR Code.

Once displayed, you can use another wallet of your choice or continue to use Edge/Airbitz but create a new account and scan the private key to sweep all of the funds into a new wallet.