If you would like to attempt to get the transaction confirmed faster, you can perform a CPFP (Child Pays For Parent) transaction. Basically you are sending one to yourself with a higher fee which will cause the previous Pending transaction to confirm faster. This only works if there is 2 Destinations or a Change address in the previous transaction that is stuck Pending.

Here are the steps:

1. Check that there are two output addresses. Tap on the transaction -> Advanced. Look at destination and see if there are two addresses in the destination. If so, good.

2. Go to Request. Tap Copy

3. Go to Send. Tap Address then paste the address. Verify it's the same address from Request

4. Tap Max

5. Tap 'bits' blue text next to the fee. Choose "High" fee.

6. Send the transaction.

This might cost quite a lot in mining fees as it will spend your entire wallet balance back to yourself.
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