If a transaction is showing as Pending on the bitcoin network and you would like to attempt to get the transaction confirmed more quickly, you may be able to complete a CPFP (Child Pays For Parent) transaction. In short, with a CPFP transaction you will be sending a transaction to yourself including a higher mining fee. By doing so, this may help to confirm the other transaction that took place more quickly.

Here are the steps:

1. Tap on the transaction within your Transactions screen --> tap on Advanced in the bottom left corner --> look at Destination on the screen that appears and see if there are two addresses listed underneath Destination. If so, you *will* be able to do the CPFP transaction.

2. Go to the Request screen --> tap Copy

3. Go to the Scan screen --> tap Address --> paste the address. 

4. Tap 'bits' (the blue text that indicates the bitcoin denomination directly above USD). Choose "High" fee. 

5. Tap the green Max button.

6. Send the transaction.

Please be aware that this may cost quite a lot in mining fees as it will spend your entire wallet balance back to yourself. Before sending this transaction, please take note of the mining fee included and be sure that you are comfortable sending this transaction with the given fee.

Lastly, we are not responsible if the higher transaction fee receives delayed confirmations, so please proceed at your own risk.