If you are seeing an insufficient funds error when attempting to send, try sending your transaction again, but first select Send Max Amount. In order to do so, you will need to tap the three dots on the top right of the Slide to Confirm screen, and select Send Max Amount.

This button will calculate the maximum amount you can send after mining fees have been included. Edge does not make any money from these fees, as 100% of the fee goes to the respective network to pay for confirmations.

In some cases, the network fees may exceed the amount of money in your wallet. This can happen when your wallet contains a large number of very small transactions.

Special cases:

ERC20 Tokens: You must have ETH at the same address that holds the token you are trying to send since ETH pays the transaction fee. 

XRP/Ripple: You may receive this message when attempting to send all of your XRP. Every XRP address must keep a 20 XRP reserve balance. This rule is not unique to Edge. For more information please read Why do I need a minimum balance of 20 XRP to open a wallet in Edge?

XMR/Monero: You may receive this error when attempting to spend incoming funds before they have 10 confirmations, or about 20-30 minutes. If an incoming transaction has less than 10 confirmations you'll see it's progress in your XMR wallet.