1) Log into your Edge account

2) Go into your Edge Settings by tapping the 3 horizontal lines at the top right corner

3) Tap on  Account Settings

4) Tap on unlock settings

5) You will need to enter your password again to unlock the other options below it

6) Once unlocked, tap on Password Recovery

7) Select 2 recovery questions and answer them both. Note that they are case-sensitive and must be exact.

7) Tap done and you will be asked to confirm the answers

8) Enter your email address (the token emailed will be an email sent from yourself, not from Edge)

9) Check and verify that you received the recovery token in the email you provided

Once that is set you are good to go. In the event that you ever forget your password, you can simply go into your email and find the token to initiate the recovery process. Answering the questions correctly will allow you to reset the password granting you access to your account.

Note: You'll also need to know your username in addition to having the recovery token.

Learn more on how it works in our blog entry here: https://edge.app/blog/how-lost-password-recovery-works-in-edge/