If you held bitcoin (BTC) on Airbitz before the Bitcoin blockchain fork on August 1, 2017 then you also have an equivalent amount of BCH inside your wallet. In this article, we will show you how to claim it. Please follow the steps outlined:

-Head over to https://edge.app for links to download, or search for "Edge Wallet" on the Playstore and AppStore

-Download and install the Edge Wallet

-Login to your account using the same username and password as you did for Airbitz

-Allow the account to fully load

-Long press and hold on your BTC wallet and a new menu will pop up

-Tap on the Split Bitcoin Cash

-A new menu will pop, and confirm that you want to Split

-This will create a new BCH wallet that will contain your BCH

If you had accidentally sent BTC to a BCH address then please refer this article: Recover BTC sent to a BCH Address
If you had accidentally sent BCH to a BTC (segwit) address then please refer to this article: Recover BCH sent to a BTC (segwit) address