Edge does not store any user data, so we are not be able to recover your username or password should they be forgotten. However, there are a few different methods available to users in order to regain access to their account:

  1. Recovery Questions – If recovery questions were set up, you can answer the security questions to change your password to a new one. This has to have been set up prior to losing the account credentials. If recovery was set up, you will find an email in your inbox with the title "Airbitz Recovery Token". 
  2. PIN/Fingerprint Login – If you were previously logged into your account and had PIN or fingerprint login turned on, but do not remember the full password, you can still access your account using this respective login mechanism. You can sign into and out of your account multiple times in a row using either of these login methods, at which point a popup will appear asking if you remember your password. Make an attempt at entering the password for the account, and if you are incorrect, you will be prompted to reset your password. 
  3. Wallet Private Seed – If you have the Wallet Private Seed saved or stored somewhere, you can also recover your funds from your account by entering it at https://airbitz.co/recovery/.
  4. www.walletrecoveryservices.com/ – Wallet Recovery Services is a service we recommend where the company will attempt to recover your account after you have provided them with some necessary information regarding your account.
  5. If the recommendations above have been exhausted, our final recommendation is that you start a spreadsheet in which you write down all possible usernames and passwords that you think you may have used, and you test them. We have had multiple users regain access to their account by using this method. In order to test if the account name is correct, you can try creating a new account. If account creation proceeds, then the account name is not the one that you used, because Edge does not allow users to have the same account name. However, if account creation does not proceed, then there is a possibility that the username you tested could be your original username.

    Regarding account setup, the only username requirement that Edge has is that the username is at least three characters long. The username can be any combination of letters, numbers, or symbols.

    For the password, the requirements are as follows:
    - Must have at least one upper case letter
    - Must have at least one lower case letter
    - Must have at least one number
    - Must have at least ten characters