If your account is showing an incorrect balance or is unable to detect a transaction, it may be that you have an unstable internet connection and the account is still trying to get in sync with the network. Try switching between WiFi and cellular data. Sometimes an unstable internet connection can cause a transaction to remain undetected. After switching between WiFi and cellular data, give the account a few minutes to load by remaining logged in. If you still experience issues after switching between WiFi and cellular data, go to your phone's general settings, locate Edge, and make sure that the application has permissions enabled allowing the application to access the internet.


    You can also try manually resynchronizing the wallet by long pressing on your wallet from the main wallet list and then press "Resync" from the menu that appears. If you are still having trouble detecting a transaction or loading your account correctly, please contact us here: http://support.edgesecure.co/support/tickets/new