Transactions can typically take anywhere from a few minutes up to a few hours to confirm when a cryptocurrency network is not congested. Due to increasing traffic on some networks, transactions may take longer than anticipated. In some cases, we have seen transactions take days to confirm. This is a problem the networks themselves experience, which affects all wallets equally.

If you are receiving money, there is no way to change the confirmation time, since the person sending the money controls that transaction's priority based on the fee they provided with that transaction. If you are sending money, you can increase your transaction’s priority by paying a higher network fee. Edge does not make any money from this, as 100% of the fee goes to the respective network.

You can set the fee of your outgoing transaction by tapping the Fee field at the Slide to Confirm screen. After doing so, you will select Change Mining Fee, and choose a low, standard, high, or custom fee.  

If your outgoing transaction has been pending for a long time there's a chance it was dropped by the network. You can check its status by looking it up on a block explorer (tap on the transaction in your history > View advanced transaction data > Show in Block Explorer). If the block explorer finds your transaction, that means it's still waiting to be confirmed and you'll need to wait longer. If the block explorer can't find your transaction, that means it has been dropped. To resolve, tap and hold on the wallet from the wallets list screen and then tap Resync.