You can view your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or other cryptocurrency address by tapping on the Request button while inside your selected wallet. At the Request Screen, you will see a QR Code which you can show other people, allowing them to scan the QR code, input the amount of funds they would like to send, and then send those funds to your account. Below that is a long string of text which is also a copy of your address. You can copy the text-based address and send that out as well, allowing users to send payment to that particular address. The address is case-sensitive.

To send out a Request for funds, or to simply send your address to other people, you select "Copy" to copy the text and send it out, or you can tap on "Email" which will open your email and let you send it out to whoever you want to request money from. If they are right there with you, you can also simply let them Scan the QR code.

By default, the Request Address will also automatically change for Bitcoin and other similar coins after each transaction or after each request email is made. This is done in order to increase your privacy. You may still continue to receive funds into any old addresses that have been used in the past.

Note that XRP Ripple, XMR, and Ethereum addresses do not change after each transaction.