Airbitz is now Edge.

Airbitz has always set itself apart from other bitcoin wallets by focusing on client-side encrypted data security that is not only incredibly private, but also familiar and accessible. It has enabled the most novice user to control their digital assets without a 3rd party. We've coined this term Edge Security, and now we are highlighting this focus as the core of our brand. Edge will deliver products that challenge conventional models and put users in control of their data, but with the simplicity of conventional cloud based apps.

Alongside our rebranding effort, we're happy to announce Edge Wallet, a major overhaul of the Airbitz wallet. Edge Wallet brings the simplicity of our Edge Security platform to all digital assets. Written from the ground up, Edge Wallet employs a modular architecture that allows it to secure and transact with any blockchain or token. Edge Wallet utilizes the Bcoin implementation, driven by Purse CTO, Chris Jeffrey, for its Bitcoin functionality and is the first mobile app to utilize this powerful implementation of Bitcoin. As an alternative implementation of Bitcoin, Bcoin helps decentralize the development of Bitcoin and we are ecstatic to support this effort. In addition, Edge Wallet will ship with support for Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, Augur REP, and Wings. Bitcoin and Litecoin will also include support for Segwit. Developers of other blockchains are welcome to contribute support for their blockchain through a simple plugin which enables Edge to transact their digital currency.

Tightly integrated into Edge will be support for an in app Exchange through various partners to allow users to seamlessly convert funds between various digital currencies and tokens.

With the support of multiple digital assets, Edge will allow users to see the funds used in apps utilizing our Edge Security SDK. Users utilizing Edge Wallet to login to partner apps such as Augur and Wings will be able to see and transact the same Ether, REP, and Wings funds from within Edge. Gone are the days of having to copy and paste addresses to send and receive funds between a blockchain app and a wallet. And with Exchange integration, users will be able to directly convert from tokens in one dapp, such as Augur REP, to tokens residing in another dapp such as Wings. All without having to leave Edge. All with users in 100% full control of their funds with no 3rd party.

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