The key features of the Edge Wallet include:

  • Multi-Asset Support
    • Bitcoin and Litecoin are supported, including Segwit support for both assets
    • Support for Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple (XRP), Litecoin, Feathercoin, Zcoin, Dash, Augur REP, Wings, and more
  • Exchange into other tokens
    • Seamlessly convert between digital currencies and tokens at the best rate from a number of partners
  • Buy Crypto
    • Buy directly with your bank account or credit card for seamless movement between cryptocurrency and fiat currency
    • USA
    • Europe
    • Selling - coming soon!
  • Edge Login to other decentralized applications
    • Open Ledger
    • Augur
    • Wings
  • Completely Zero-Knowledge and Private
    • Edge cannot see into or access user accounts
    • Accounts are not tied to any identity for increased privacy
    • Users have access to their funds 24/7, even if Edge goes out of business
    • Decentralized
    • Edge can be used anywhere in the world
  • Users have 100% full control of their funds with no 3rd party access
    • Users have full access and control of their accounts
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