Edge does not have access to accounts or maintain any information about our users. During the account creation process, Edge never asks for your name, phone number, email or any personal information that ties your identity to an account. There are also multiple warnings that the password is known only to you and that Edge cannot see or reset it.

If you still have access to the account through either the 4 digit PIN or fingerprint login, you will be able to reset the password. This only works if Edge was not uninstalled or deleted from that particular device. To initiate the password reset, please log out and log in to your account multiple times in a row, until a password reminder popup shows which will allow you to reset the password.

Additionally, if account recovery questions were set up before losing access to your account, initiate the recovery by searching for the recovery token that you sent to yourself. The token is not sent from Edge, it is sent by you to your choice of messaging or storage method (such as email, drive, etc.). The subject line to search for is "Edge Recovery Token".

Tap on the link in the recovery message or enter the Recovery Token manually after tapping "Forgot Password" from the Edge app.  Now you can answer the two questions you previously set up, the answers are case sensitive. Once answered successfully, you will be able to change your password.

If you do not remember the username or password, and you no longer have PIN access, fingerprint access, or access to recovery questions, Edge will not be able to reset your password, as all data is securely encrypted. If this is the case, our final recommendation is that you start a spreadsheet in which you write down all possible usernames and passwords that you think you may have used, and you test them. We have had multiple users regain access to their account by using this method.

In order to test if the account name is correct, you can try creating a new account. If account creation proceeds, then the account name is not the one that you used, because Edge does not allow users to have the same account name. However, if account creation does not proceed, then there is a possibility that the username you tested could be your original username.

Regarding account setup, the only username requirement that Edge has is that the username is at least three characters long. The username can be any combination of letters, numbers, or symbols.


For the password, the requirements are as follows:

- Must have at least one upper case letter

- Must have at least one lower case letter

- Must have at least one number

- Must have at least ten characters

If you need help troubleshooting please reach out to our support team: support@edge.app