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Incredibly High Transfer Fee


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    Michael McMurray

    The TRX send seems high. Please message our support team at

    In order to send tokens on the Avalanche network (ex. USDT, USDC...) -- you'll need some Avax to pay blockchain fees.

    Receiving tokens does not require any Avax, but there are network fees when you want to create a transaction, for example sending to another wallet or swapping tokens into another coin like BTC. And just like with Ethereum, some ETH is needed in order to use tokens; for the Avalanche network, some Avax is needed to use tokens. Tokens can NOT pay their own fees!

    In this case, ~$1-2 of Avax should be enough to cover nearly any token transaction. Please understand that Edge does not make any profit from these fees. They are strictly only for the blockchain miners who secure the Avalanche ecosystem.


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